About Circular Meditations:

In May 2014, I was uniquely inspired (arguably to the point of obsession) to draw circles.  That phrasing became awkwardly comical when my future father-in-law asked “So, David, what have you been up to lately?” and I replied, without providing further context, “Drawing circles.”  I immediately realized how ridiculous that must have sounded…

These abstract pen and ink drawings are the result of that creative outburst.  Every circle is drawn freehand, and no corrections were allowed (meaning there were many rejects). They are displayed in roughly chronological order.  The drawings evolved as I worked on them, I was exploring different approaches, rifting off of the simple circular theme.  As my hand became more practiced, and I found new drawing instruments and papers, the work became more refined. The process of making these drawings was absorbing and contemplative; I found the practice very meditative, hence the title Circular Meditations.


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