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This section of the website features many of my random hobbies and showcases some of my projects. Generally speaking, I don't think of these projects is work, but if somebody was interested in purchasing anything pictured or discussing plans for any my projects, I'd certainly be willing to listen.


View some samples of my woodworking projects from over the years.

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Here you will find examples of upholstery and furniture making that I have done.

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Furniture for Artists

I make display furniture for artists. The same display easels and display racks that I use myself, you can now order.

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Web Design

After learning how to build this website, I'm ready to build yours!

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Pumpkin Carving

Cat and I take pumpkin carving seriously. We will be offering advanced classes in the fall.

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Cabin Olympics

Every summer the finest, hand-picked athletes gather at Eagle Lake for the Cabin Olympics, a glorious spectacle of shenanigans and tomfooleries.

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Puzzles & Mazes

I love puzzles. Crosswords, sudoku, crypto-grams, mazes, you name it. Here you’ll find some I like, some I've created, and maybe some tips.

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